Home Office – Simply NUC


Get any job done with responsive performance for home office and school applications, and easily transfer your files with high-speed connection options.


Now you can harness all the power without the tower.

BREAK THE MOLD- USE the power of the NUC to super-charge your creations

Whether you’re editing photos or creating your own designs and animations, Simply NUC systems have the power, storage, memory, and graphics for innovators and game-changers.

Build your own Dawson Canyon

Perfect for working remotely, Dawson Canyon delivers performance and innovation for your home office.

Simply NUC Work from Home Solution

A powerful, convenient, and compact way to turn your home into an efficient office.

take on challenging tasks with ease

Tackle more demanding applications with Simply NUC® Mini PCs. Take your creations to the next level with more processing power for new media like 360° video, 3D modeling, and VR development.