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We’ve got what you need for gaming- experience powerful performance in a small package

We get it – we’re gamers too. You don’t want to sacrifice performance – and with the mini PC format, you won’t have to. Customize your gaming experience with the Ghost Canyon and its ability to handle a selection of many different discrete graphics cards, or invest in the pre-made VR-ready powerhouse that is the Hades Canyon – the choice is yours. Whatever your needs are, and whatever your game is – we’ve got your back.

Ghost Canyon

Ghost Canyon is the first modular NUC with upgradeable components including compute blade options with configurable memory and storage, and desktop graphics cards with performance levels up to Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070. Like a ghost in your den – this mini gaming machine is thermally cool, extremely quiet, and disruptively small.

Hades Canyon

NUC8i7HVK delivers high-end gaming class VR-Ready performance in a cost-, power-, and space-efficient package. The Hades Canyon VR can play the latest and hottest games at full rendering at a minimum of 60fps and a typical competition setup running 144 to 200fps all while running at a fairly quiet level and using less than 130 watts of power.

The Nemesis SNUC Book

Focus-tested and player-approved, the Nemesis is a gaming laptop that stands alone. Sleek, fast, and powerful, the Nemesis SNUC Book will get you immersed in your gaming experience.


“Vortex brings portable desktop performance in an ultra-compact 7.9-liter powder coated steel chassis with full-length GPU compatibility. A PCIe x16 slot supports full-length desktop discrete graphics, plus an additional x4 slot can accommodate add-in cards for additional features and performance. Using Intel NUC 9 system, this mini gaming machine is thermally cool, extremely quiet, and disruptively small.

Don’t skimp on quality-
or on frames

Immerse yourself in third-party discrete graphics to power your game play and envelop yourself in a stunning 3D environment with a stunningly small form factor. Tuck it out of sight or throw it in your backpack and head off to a LAN party—no heavy lifting required.



Experience sensational graphics, powerful VR gaming, and the ability to play on multiple screens simultaneously, all in a system small enough to take with you.