Embedded Kiosk – Simply NUC


Make your kiosks come to life with Simply NUC Mini Computers and Motherboards. Stunning graphics and responsive interaction will let you wow your audience with Simply NUC technology inside.


Maximize your customer engagement.

Tune up your display

Make the most of 4K displays for your kiosk campaigns with Simply NUC Mini Computers. And keep it secure and stable with remote management technology.

Hades Canyon

NUC8i7HNK delivers high-end performance in a cost-, power-, and space-efficient package.


Delivering big innovation in a cost-effective package, Elm is ideal for embedded kiosk needs.

Provo Canyon

When it comes to digital kiosks and deploying intelligent vending, the Provo Canyon can help you get the job done easily.

Uses as varied as your needs

From outdoor wayfinders, to shopping malls, to the local cafe, Simply NUC has partnered with industry leaders to offer a range of kiosk solutions to meet your needs.