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Why Subscribe to Device as a Service (DaaS)?

Our new Device as a Service (DaaS) program makes it easy for you to upgrade to state-of-the-art hardware while allowing you to continue upgrading in an affordable way every two years and pay your purchase cost with low monthly payments instead of paying upfront.

Preserve your cash flow and avoid large cash outlays for a new PC purchase. Don’t worry about repairs or problems because the program also includes an extended warranty with accidental damage protection. The whole program is designed to be simple and worry-free, allowing you to combine hardware, accessories, operating system, software, services and warranties into a single, predictable payment.

When is the Right Time to Replace Your PC?

One of the best and most frustrating things about technology is that it never stops advancing. As soon as you buy a new PC, a better version is never far behind. So when is the right time to refresh to a new PC, and what costs should be considered?

The productivity gains from one generation to the next can be significant. Those gains are even more significant if you compare a new system to one that’s commonly four or five years old. PCs are critical tools for business, used every day by workers. Over a given year, how much time would your company collectively save if everyone was using faster PCs? How much time is your competition potentially saving if they have newer and faster PCs?

Cyber-attackers target older systems because they tend to be more vulnerable. Staying ahead of these threats requires modern technology. Do you know if your hardware, operating system and software is keeping up with the pace? Older solutions won’t be supported forever. Security updates, driver updates, support life cycles, and other solutions to keep your PC compatible with the growing list of software packages will eventually cease to function. Stay on top of the issue with an extended warranty and Simply NUC’s support, which is included with your purchase through DaaS.

Lastly, what about the cost and frustration of dealing with downtime due to needed repairs? Businesses don’t have time to deal with problems like these, so they are always incredibly frustrating. Issues can be hard to predict, so replacing your PCs on a regular cadence before they become repair issues is important – not just for costs but also for morale. With DaaS upgrades, you’ll never have to worry about scheduling upgrades again.

A New Way to Keep Your Business PCs Fresh

Our new Device as a Service (DaaS) program makes it easy for you to purchase state-of-the-art hardware, while allowing you to continue upgrading your computing solutions in an affordable way every two years.

Keep your cash for other business investments and without having to pay any financing costs. Don’t worry about repairs or problems because the program also includes an extended warranty with accidental damage protection. Combining your hardware, operating system, software, services, warranties, and support into a single purchase from a single supplier keeps the process streamlined.

Who should consider DaaS?

The new DaaS program isn’t just for businesses. Do you find that as software advances, it becomes a hassle to keep your hardware up to date? Have you ever had an issue with your PC and struggled to find an adequate replacement? Would you prefer to pay for a new PC, fully supported by a team of experts, with low monthly payments, no interest fees, and no additional charges?

If so, the DaaS program is right for you.

Enjoy the latest in performance and technology and rest assured that you are receiving the solution that you need.