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Change The Game

With a Crimson Canyon NUC

No need to use large, bulky, expensive and power hungry desktop tower PCs for gaming. This tiny Intel NUC has plenty of power to run your business applications for home or small businesses and, when the work is done, get you immersed in some of the latest titles with its built-in ATI Radeon Discrete Graphics.

Simple and Effective

To put it simply, like we do at Simply NUC, the Crimson Canyon NUC is the least expensive pre-built gaming system on the market. You could get close by purchasing individual components, assembling, and testing a system by yourself, but you would still be using at least 500 watts of power, listening to noisy fans, and clearing off desk space for your bulky tower.

The Intel NUC from Simply NUC comes ready to go, can mount behind most monitors using the VESA screw holes on the back, or sit almost invisible on your desk. Its small form factor chassis has a tiny fan that you’ll forget about and its 27 watt power supply means that leaving it running all day won’t make a noticeable change to your power bill.

Would you like to customize your order? This device has an M.2 slot for PCIe and SATA SSDs and we stock up to 2 TB. It also has a 2.5 inch slot that we can use to install up to 8 TB of SSD storage.

Customize Storage

Any way you want it, the system comes fully configured, tested, and backed by a 3-year Hardware Warranty from Intel as well as a 1-year Support Warranty from Simply NUC, THE specialist in everything NUC.