School Digital Signage – Simply NUC


From the student activity center, to the cafeteria, to the sports arena, Simply NUC has partnered with industry leaders to offer a range of signage solutions to meet your needs.


Bring information to your students with Simply NUC signage solutions.

versatile digital displays

Power your digital signage needs with Simply NUC Media Players.  Whether it’s one or two UHD displays, or an entire video wall, Simply NUC Media Players can do the job.


Solutions to solve your unique education challenges while keeping your students super engaged. Effective communications delivered via Industry Weapon’s powerful software and Simply NUC’s plug-n-play hardware.


SpinetiX ARYA is designed to get your information noticed- get students’ attention and manage content with ease .


Customize your experience and build up your NUC from scratch - harness the power of the Hades, Provo, or Sequoia today!

The control is in your hands

Make the most of 4K displays for your digital signage campaigns with Simply NUC Media Players.  And keep it secure and stable with remote management technology.